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LA times
Where L.A. hipsters buy their eyewear
Across town, the Society of the Spectacle in Eagle Rock offers a more feminine touch. Whereas De La Plante has been known to encourage a scotch on the rocks — double vision, anyone? — Society of the Spectacle offers cupcakes from Auntie Em's Kitchen. Flowers greet customers as they walk up to the 1920s bungalow converted into an eclectic den of eyewear run with good cheer by Amy and Katie O'Connell. The Highland Park sisters have been swapping jokes with customers for three years — and making them look considerably more chic by helping them select just the right pair of specs.
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The Eyes Have It
What is it about L.A. Eyeworks frames that are so irresistible?

Across town, on Highland Park’s York Boulevard, the L.A. Eyeworks’ air of ingenuity emanates from sisters Amy and Katie O’Connell’s Society of the Spectacle. In the two-and-a-half years since the former L.A. Eyeworks employees set up shop in this former “eyesore,” their passion project has become both the neighborhood water cooler and a cabinet of face-framing curiosities.
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Rustic architecture and a bold arts scene define this changing neighborhood nestled against the Arroyo Seco
Society of the Spectacle
The petite bungalow is devoted to handmade retro eyewear for men and women.
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Occidental Weekly
Exploring Eagle Rock: Society of the Spectacle
Few would have the guts to invoke one of the 20th century's great anti-capitalist manifestos in the sale of eyewear. But then again, there's very little that’s ordinary about the Society of the Spectacle Eyeglass and Sunglass Shop.
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LAist Goes Shopping/Interview: 'Society of the Spectacle' in Highland Park
Throughout Los Angeles, small businesses play a integral role in the daily life of each neighborhood. When LAist stumbled upon the gorgeous 20s bungalow that houses the Society of the Spectacle eyewear boutique in Highland Park/Eagle Rock, we fell in love. It's a place where locals love to hang out—plus due to the shop's stellar ratings on Yelp and other sites, those living farther away often make a special trip just to shop there.
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For the Eclectic
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